Beneath The Mistletoe "The Reboot"

by Gary Snead



When I originally wrote this song, my feel was to have it be in the style of The Christmas Song, written by Mel Torme. While happy with result, especially after it was mastered in the UK by Peter Maher (who has worked on projects with U2, among many others), I could still hear it in my head, being sung by Michael Buble or Harry Connick. Jr.. But not as written.

So I went on a search for a talent capable of creating a new Jazz/Swing arrangement. I found him in Scott Arcangel from NY. Corresponding via email over a couple of weeks. Scott, was able to put together the arrangement that you will hear, and I couldn't have been more pleased. It perfectly captures what I had in my mind, and I believe that it is finally the song that I intended. And yes, I fully intend to "shop" it around the market.

Anyway, here's the song... Enjoy, and please let me know what you think!


"Beneath The Mistletoe"
Words and Music by Gary Snead
Copyright © 2006

There's a Snowman in the front yard,    A
The lights are all strung on the tree,    C#m
The presents are wrapped and in their place,    A
And the kid's are being good as can be,    C#m
The caroler's winding their way down the street,    D
Are all making a joyful noise,    A
The smell of the coffee and the pumpkin pie,    E
Add flavor to our holiday joys...    D A

Evergreens are bowing to pressure,
From branches that are laden with snow,
Smoke from the chimney's all over town,
Swirls wherever the wind does blow,
Should the temperature fall a little lower tonight,
By only three or four more degrees,
We'll probably get a little more snow on the ground,
And the pond's are all sure to freeze...

Family gathers 'round the fireplace,
Waiting for the stockings to be hung,
The feeling of Christmas is in the air,
It brings excitement to the old and the young,
Soon Santa will be making his visit,
So off to bed all the children will go,
But before we turn in for the evening,
Why don't we meet beneath the mistletoe,
I want to wish you a Merry Christmas,
Beneath the mistletoe.


released July 23, 2015
Originally written, performed, recorded, and produced by Gary Snead.
The new Swing arrangement by Scott Arcangel.


all rights reserved



Gary Snead Weehawken, New Jersey

I'm a singer, songwriter, and acoustic performer, specializing in Tropical Americana music.

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